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Priact lead consultants have a vast experience in the fields of resilience systems analysis, capacity building and organizational development, strategic planning and program development, management, and monitoring and evaluation, working with governments, development agencies, corporations, and local and regional institutions worldwide.

In addition to its lead consultants, Priact also has access to a network of development and training professionals who can be called upon to assist with any required specific tasks.

Below is a summary of experience of Priact lead consultants:


Sherif Rushdy  

Sherif Rushdy Photo


Sherif Rushdy holds a Masters degree in Systems Science and International Development and has over 30  years of experience in: the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of national, regional or local development intervention; policy analysis and formulation; resilience systems analysis and the applications of systems and complexity sciences to development; information and decision-support systems development and implementation; strategic planning and organizational development; design and implementation of capacity development programs; and value education, curriculum development, teacher-training and educational change.

He has worked in 27 countries in 5 continents with over 100 organizations, including multilateral agencies, governments, international and national NGOs, AID organizations and private investors in 17 sectors including community development, conflict mitigation, economic development, education, renewable energy, food security, governance, health, justice, natural resource management, organizational development, private sector development, resilience analysis, transporation and country program development.

Shaku Raniga  
Shaku Raniga Photo


Shaku Raniga has a Masters degree in Environmental Science and she has over 30 years of experience in the design and management of development programs worldwide.

As a consultant to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Mrs. Raniga has provided program planning and project assessment and review services for over fifteen projects averaging $20 million in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Haiti, ASEAN and for Multilateral Programs.

Mrs. Raniga also has a strong experience in the management of development programs, in India and Azerbaijan. As Director of a national development training centre in India, she consolidated the organizational structure, streamlined administrative systems and procedures, integrated programs, increased cost-recovery and gradually reduced operating costs to bring the institution to a sustainable level. As program manager of the Community Development and Social Investment Initiative component of a 5-year $40 million USAID-funded umbrella program in Azerbaijan, she developed program strategies, liaised and coordinated with government agencies, other donors and NGOs implementing similar programs, provided technical assistance and training to implementing partners and national staff, and ensured integration of all program activities.

Mrs. Raniga also has conducted program evaluations, developed curriculum materials, conducted training workshops and training of trainers and provided value-based organizational development consulting services for businesses, schools and organizations in India, Africa, Canada and Indonesia.